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Sat 31 Mar 12

Matthew Ottley at Gigg Lane

12 months to the day since Alan Knill's departure, the Shakers got back to winning ways with a good two goals and a good clean sheet

Today Bury faced 13th in the table renaissance men of league 1, Tranmere in a bid to rise up the table after having not won in the last 13 games. They did just that playing reasonable well in the first half, but really coming out and showing their true colours in the second, scoring two goals in the space of just five minutes. This win keeps them at 19th, but means that they have now gone five points clear of the drop zone and are probably safe now for the remainder of the season.

Bury kicked off and it soon became apparent that this game was going to be tough. After only two minutes into the game a near miss on goal by Worral gave the bookies something to talk about. This was followed by a long goal kick form Fon Williams which was intercepted by Coke leading to a Tranmere chance with the ball being crossed into the Bury box. However the ball was easily held by Carson. Although there were no goals in this first half, it was clear that it was not going to bore us as just after this Tranmere effort, another one arose for the home side with Giles Coke's hammering shot into the Tranmere area being blocked by Goodison which was lucky for the away team as this would surely have gone in if not.

At five minutes into the game a sweeping shot by Ian Goodison for Tranmere left them open to a Bury counter attack, something they took advantage of with them going on a great break and a shot which just managed to find Fon Williams' hands. A minute after this, a Bury shot from Andrai Jones could have out some breathing space between them and the opposition; however the ball was easily collected by Fon Williams. Another chance for the away side came with ex Bury boy Buchanan's overlapping run which was luckily intercepted by Bury to prevent an early lead. Juts after this, the home side had another brilliant chance with a good corner causing a tangle in the Tranmere area and a saving catch from Fon Williams.

Half way into the second half brought more excitement as a Tranmere throw halfway inside the Bury half found Atkins who shot right into Carson's welcome arms.

With no goals in the first half for either side, the eventual outcome was looking rather dull. That is, until the start of the second...

At first, the second half looked like it was going to go a lot like the first, with at 49 minutes Bishop getting the ball to Amoo where it found Schumacher who took a shot just wide across the Tranmere goal, making the final score still looking unclear. Just eight minutes after this, the home side had another great chance with a shot straight at the keeper who spilled it but just before it was too late, managed to collect it.

After all this excitement but still no goals, it looked like it was going to be yet another draw for Bury. But then came the first goal. At sixty six minutes, a free kick by Schumacher showed his captaincy in rue style with the shot landing on Sodjes' head who managed to finish it edging up the temperature of the game a little. It seemed like this was it: Bury had won, Tranmere weren't going to get back from this. And that was right, but they had more up their sleeve and at seventy one minutes, an amazing cross from Andy Bishop set Giles Coke up for a sublime finish making it 2-0 to Bury and putting the game beyond all doubt, with the home side going into next week's game full of confidence and the belief they have what it takes to stay in league 1.

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