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Maths Stars

Maths Stars
In partnership with The Premier League we are able to offer Math Stars sessions providing a safe and enjoyable programme for all children up to 11 years old. We are proud to be delivering the Reading Stars Programme in the Bury Area.

What We Offer
Exploring the fun of maths through our 6 - 10 week maths stars session. Working with either a full class or a select group we will explore the types of things we can engage pupils in data handling, calculating time and position and direction, enabling them to apply their knowledge to real-life football challenges.

School Sessions
Premier League Maths Stars uses the inspiration and fun of sport to connect pupils’ learning to the world around them. Theses sessions build pupils' confidence in data handling, calculating time and position and direction, using examples from the world of sport to explore areas such as match analysis, accounting and groundskeeping.

Working each week to complete challenges with sporting rewards at the end of the session. Through the half term the group/class will work together to complete a class challenge for bigger class rewards.

Our staff will, adhere to school policies, follow behaviour policies, promote positive behaviour, support school ethos, follow school reward system.