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Through the Premier League we are able to offer PHSE sessions providing a safe and enjoyable programme for all children up to 11 years old. We are proud to be delivering the Primary Stars Programme in the Bury Area. 

What We Offer
Our staff work through challenging topics such as resilience, diversity and self-esteem, brought to life by personal insights from children and top figures of the sporting world. We can offer a range of activities surrounding PHSE including our positive people programme, resilience and team building programme and our Nutrition and health programme.

Each subject programme is available as a 6 or a 12 week programme to fit in with school requirements. Each programme comes with its own assessment and progression form which will be completed for every child inline with Ofsted standards. Our Packages are flexible and work to meet schools needs. We Tailor each package to the individual school so contact us for a package for your school. 
School Sessions

Positive People Programme - this programme uses both individual and team activities to show and develop different positive personality traits. We work on understanding our actions, listen skills, trying our hardest, following rules and instructions and the importance of treating everyone as equals.

Resilience and Team Building Programme - this programme uses a variety of sessions and activities to develop pupils skills such as practical team-building, cooperation, negotiation and compromise to achieve a goal. Through out these sessions we are trying to change attitudes from "I can’t" to "I can".

Nutrition and Health Programme - this programme uses both physical activities and classroom based activities to show to pupils how they can improve their health through both physical activity and understanding of nutrition. Nutrition sessions focus on what it means to be a footballer as well as the importance of hydration in keeping us healthy and tips for staying hydrated. The physical activities we look at are things such as the effects exercise has on the body and how we can keep our bodies health.

Our staff will, adhere to school policies, follow behaviour policies, promote positive behaviour, support school ethos, follow school reward system.