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Weight Loss

Bury The Flab
BURY the FLAB is a new football league for males with a BMI in excess of 25.

The concept is very simple; individuals or groups of friends will sign up and be allocated a team that they will be part of for the season. It will be played in a 6-a-side format with squads of 9-10 players with rolling subs. Each week, teams will line-up against each other and the team that has lost the most weight, will take a one-goal advantage onto the field of play before a ball is kicked.

Bury the FLAB is a weight loss programme aimed at supporting participants to keep active and loose weight whilst playing football and socialising with peers. If your team loose weight you gain a goal head start in the tournament matches.

Games will take place at PlayFootball situated at Bury College, and Sam Narusawa from Play Football said: "It's fantastic to get a new league starting up. There will be some talented guys who have probably not kicked a ball for 20 years that would love to get into the league and rekindle their love for playing the game. The plan is that this will become a part of the many leagues that we have at Play Football and I can't wait to see how things map out.”

All we ask is to bring suitable footwear for a 4G pitch and shin pads must be worn at all times. There will be a member from team to welcome you and take some brief information and then you are good to go!

Session Information:
Place: Playfootabll, Bury College
Age: 18+
Time: Wednesday 7:30pm-8:00pm (Weigh in’s) 8:00pm - 9:00pm (Football)
Cost: £5 per week