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The Club Crest Explained

Understanding the Shakers club crest

The Shakers 'Crest' or 'Logo' is a form of the town of Bury's Crest and is explained as follows:-

The various images contained in the crest are the anvil, representing metalwork, a fleece representing wool, two shuttles representing the textile industry and culms of the papyrus plant that represent the paper making industry.

The crest shows a bee for industry between two branches of the cotton plant.

The Latin phrase 'Vincit - Omnia - Industria' is translated to read 'Conquer All Industry' or in today's terminology: Hard Work Conquers All

The two stars, added for the 2011/12 season, represent the Shakers two FA Cup Final Victories in 1900 (4-0 v Southampton) and 1903 (6-0 v Derby County).