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Why are Bury called 'Shakers'

Why are Bury called the Shakers?J T Ingham - Created 'The Shakers'

It's the most asked question that the club receives, from young to old, they all want to know exactly why are Bury Football Club called 'the Shakers?'

So here it is, the definitive answer

"It was the 1892 Lancashire Cup Final on 23 April that the clubs nickname of 'The Shakers' first came into being. Mr. J T Ingham was Chairman cum team manager at the time and it is this gentleman who is alleged to have been questioned about his team's ability to beat the supposedly stronger opponents that day. It has been recorded down the years since that Mr. Ingham retorted as follows:-

'We shall shake 'em, in fact, we are the Shakers'

And that was seized upon by the press of the day and since then, the club have been known as 'The Shakers.'

Some reports suggest that Mr. Ingham may have actually uttered the phrase at the semi-final game against Everton, but what is certain, is that Bury Football Club's nickname came into existence during the famous Lancashire Senior Cup success of 1892."

So if somebosdy asks, now you know.....