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Chairman says I can do better

30 August 2012

Happy and content - David Worrall looks forward to getting back in the side

“I’m feeling good, I’ve spent some time in the pool today and the cast has come off my foot now.  I’ve even joined in with training this morning so it’s getting better every day.  I’m not sure about Saturday, I trained with the first team and did ok, we will see how it reacts overnight and tomorrow, see how the bruising and the swelling is – then it will be upto the physio and Shirty.


When I got the injury at Doncaster, the physio said that it looked like a problem with a nerve, but the Doncaster doctor said that it looked broken so I had to go to the hospital and it all went from there.  At least it wasn’t too bad.  It took forever, I don’t really want to go to Doncaster hospital again.

I didn’t go to Coventry because I had the cast on the leg so I spent some time with my girlfriend.  I kept my eye on the score from the game and I actually said on twitter at half time that if we got one back before 60 minutes, that we would go on and get something form the game.  All the lads have said we should have won, but from my experience, we always seem to play better in the second half.

It’s still been a busy week for me with the bid that has come in so its god for me to be back in training to take my mind of things, just get away from it and play football.  It’s good to hear things like this, it’s flattering to see speculation about yourself and a bid comes in.

The chairman has his valuation of me and he does think highly of me.  He just didn’t want to let me go for that price.  That’s fair enough, I’m not going to shout and moan about it – I’m not that type of person, now I just have to get on with it.

I asked the chairman for his reasons why the bid was turned down.  I was never going to hand in a transfer request; I’d never moan about it or suddenly say I was not going to play for the club.  I just wanted to know his reasons why and it’s fair enough to me.  If I am going to go, the club have to make what they think I am worth, they have to make money out of it.

The chairman told me that any move had to be perfect for me, and he told me that I could do better.  I didn’t expect him to say that.  At least now I know that the chairman is looking after me.  I’m happy here and as long as I am playing, I am not that really bothered about it.  I mentioned about a contract and maybe extending it by another year and he liked the idea.  He said that he would speak to the directors and take it from there.  Hopefully, I’d like to see that done and hopefully they will.

I want to stay here, I am happy here and it works in the club interest.  If I do sign for another year then maybe the price will go up, plus that’s another year for me at Bury Football Club.  I’m just taking it game by game, I’d like a better season than last season.  I want to start more games and not get injured or get ill.  Illness was last season so I am trying to sort that out.

I’ve got two years left on my contract, and if I play that two years and no more bids come in, then I will be happy with that – as long as I have played.  It’s two more years and another if the chairman sorts it out.  He liked the idea; I like the idea so hopefully they can sort something out.

I’d like to do it sooner for my own reasons, but the chairman has to run it past the board of directors so they can have their input, we will take it from there and look at everything. I don’t know when it will happen, but I will keep pushing him and knocking on his door.

If I am involved on Saturday, then I look forward to playing them, hopefully I can get another goal against them.  If not, I’ll still be there supporting the lads.  It’s a home game and we want to start winning games, especially at home.”

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