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Happy to still be in the hat

2 December 2012

Kevin Blackwell’s thought following the FA Cup draw with Southend United.

“If I am going to be honest about it, we were not good on Saturday.  I thought four or five of the players were not quite at it.  But we have always said that this was a cup tie and they came here full of confidence.  We created some chances again and should have finished the game off in the second half; we didn’t do that and in the end could have been punished for it.


The first half just didn’t get going, the final ball and the final delivery just wasn’t there.  How we have missed two of the chances I just don’t know.  We are in the hat for the next round and we have to go down to Southend and take on a good side.

We weren’t at it because we are a young side.  It was the first time the two strikers had played together and I thought they looked as though they hadn’t played together.  Four or five were just not at it and you cannot carry that many and expect to win games.

I was really hamstrung with the bench because I didn’t feel we could change it from there, I wanted to change it but couldn’t.  We were crying out for strikers today.  It’s a just an on-going process with the strikers and their injuries.

Seb Carole came on and he did look lively.  I am trying to get some strength and depth into this side.  Like Tom Soares, Seb is playing for nothing and I think that it a big factor.  Seb has a point to prove, I am hoping he looks at it and says that this is an opportunity to get people to remember who he is.  That’s our payback to him, but he will have to come out with a few more cameo roles like he did on Saturday.  He’s a useful addition to have.

Matt Doherty took his goal very well, it was an opportunity for us to build on the poor start and take the game but I am disappointed with the way the goal went in for them.  For me it was a very soft goal and it shouldn’t have been allowed to happen, we paid the price for it.

It’s that learning curve again; we will pay for the mistakes from the youngsters because that’s the way it is.  Overall we had enough chances to win three or four games and they could have paid the price for not doing it in the end.  We are lucky to still be in the cup with what they did in the last minute.

I’m not worried about playing home or away on a Tuesday night, I just didn’t fancy going down to Southend on a Tuesday night.  It’s more preparation and we already have enough games to play over Christmas as it is.

We will go there knowing who we could play in the next round, that doesn’t help.  If it’s Man United away at old Trafford and we lose the replay, then we could say for weeks that we could have played Man United at Old Trafford.  I don’t think that helps.  You have to finish the job off at the earliest opportunity and on Saturday – we didn’t do that.

Gregg Wylde came into the game in the second half, we got more balls out wide to him and he looked a real threat.  He was very unlucky with his chance and strike.  We had good pace and good delivery on both flanks, but just not good enough in front of goal and that’s why we need these strikers back.  Having said that though, Troy Hewitt had a great overhead kick and their keeper has made an unbelievable save.  If any of these things go your way, you’re into the next round, but Gregg has shown his ability and he will excite the crowd.

Now it’s Preston, we have more options up front with Tom Hopper being available.  It’s another game; the lads have been fantastic for the last few weeks.  It’s another undefeated game and we have talked about putting a run together after losing at Colchester.  We are still in impressive form.  You can’t always be good, but what you have to do is not get beat.”

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