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Barker on new arrivals

4 July 2012

Richie Barker's thoughts on his new trio of players

'It's good when things start to fall into place, at times you think that they're not. One or two people were starting to wonder where it's going to come from. But, yesterday we just about got all the pieces of the jigsaw together. It wasn't meant to all be on the last day we came back

Ideally I wanted everyone back for the first day; I think it's mentally good for the players to see everyone together. We are where we are now and we want to do all of it together and all start in the same place. There may be additions through preseason, we're going to have trialist's in and we're going to have players who suddenly become available, it is nice that the 3 players we were looking for are here for the first day and they feel a part of it. It was late last night but they're here now and that means a lot

Lateef has got something to prove. The one year deal is a bit of an incentive for him really. We want hungry players who've to something to prove to people. I think mentally that's a big thing. I spoke to him numerous times over the summer and he said all the right things, he's worked incredibly hard over the summer. For somebody of his age 19/20 it's an incentive to get him back where he's just come from, he has left a premiership club and he's a former youth international so he wants to get back there.

We also know what he's capable of and there are a few things that persuaded me to give him a go. Firstly, his attitude in training last year was absolutely fantastic. We had to drag him off the training ground at times and that's the kind of environment we're trying to create. 

Marcus Marshall seems the player who gets people off their seats and that's what we're looking for. We had David Amoo on loan last season from Liverpool and he was a similar type of player. He's the sort of player you can give him the ball, leave him to it and he might get us higher up the pitch. Another one that's lost his way a bit, really we picked him out the middle of last year and then he lost his way at Rotherham. He's one we think if we get back on track we might have a player on our hands.

He seems pleased to be here and I'm hoping so. For somebody who got released by a league 2 team there was quite a lot of interest in him, there was at least one other league one club expecting to sign him yesterday. We're pleased to get him. I think he's done a bit of homework himself and can see opportunities to play. He sees that we sold two wide players last year and our other one got player of the year, I think he's looked at that and thought he'd like to be a part of that. He'll suit the way we play and he will get the benefits from it. It's a one year deal and after a certain number of league games it will become two and that is something we want him to be hungry for so we'll make sure that when he plays his games he'll stick with us.

Adam Lockwood. He's one of few players who I have played against so that's good because once you've played against them you get an idea what they're like. We was notified about Adam in April and I thought as he played 4 years of the championship and dropping out of it, I didn't think we'd get him. Time went on and we got closer and closer. After three or four meetings he was impressed with what we put over to him. We managed to get him late Monday night as an agreement and finalise it last night.

I'm looking forward to see the players come back, I know one or two have come in and done a few things. And the feedback we've had about that has been good I hope they've had a good break. They had a program and we'll spend the day testing to see if they've done the program. So it's fairly difficult. We're trying to be as scientifically specific and use the information to make sure each player gets individual programs'

See the full video on shakers player.

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