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Gaffer’s appointment is a coup for Bury

5 October 2012

Steven Schumacher on the first seven days with a new gaffer

“The first week with the new gaffer has been good, but tough.  Physichally it’s been quite demanding with what the gaffer is asking us to do and it’s challenging to take on board everything that he is telling us, but overall we’ve all enjoyed the first week.

The physical side is work on the ball and work off the ball.  He’s asking us as players to work a little bit harder on the ball and when we have made the pass, and to try and make an angle to receive the next pass.  We can’t think our job is done and we always have to be on the move, it just takes a little bit of time for the penny to drop to tell yourself to keep on the move.  When anyone stops and walks in training, he stops the session and highlights it and explains why it’s stopped.  It’s been really good.

It’s different to what we have been doing here, but I have seen it before at other clubs.  It’s a style that I quite enjoy and it keeps everyone on their toes.  The gaffer told us when he walked through the door that every training session would be sharp and intense.  He also said they would be short, but Thursdays was very long.

He’s giving us a lot of information on every game, and that’s a bit of a challenge.  We are being given thick booklets on each game with all the information on our jobs, where we are all picking up on set pieces and what we are doing, the game plan and what to expect from the other team.  It’s a bit of a challenge to take it all in, but it’s something that we will get used to pretty quickly, and as soon as we do then it will benefit us.

We wanted to play on Tuesday night, none of us were happy about it being postponed.  We’ve all felt that since the gaffer has come in that we have been working pretty intensely.  We put in a decent performance at Stevenage and what the gaffer spoke about actually worked.  The game plan kind of nullified Stevenage to very few chances.  We wanted to build on that on Tuesday.  We were up for it and ready for the game.  We were even in on Tuesday morning and went through the game plan.  We were itching to play and when we got in it was called off, it’s very unfortunate for us.

Stevenage are a good side, they haven’t lost yet this season and it’s always a tough place to go to, but we could have won that game in the last minute.  I’ve looked at all our away games, and the three games that we took points from, we could have won every one of them with the last kick of the game.  We are not a million miles away, but we have to stop conceding two goals a game.  Apart from a ten minute spell where they started that bit sharper than us, and a bit hungrier – they took their chances well, but apart from that we were pretty pleased with the performance. 

The gaffer hasn’t particularly focussed on defending; he’s got everyone thinking about what they need to do.  We’ve worked on everything, movement from the front players, midfield players getting angles to get the ball; everyone has to work harder off the ball.  It’s been really good and everyone is enjoying it.

It’s clear to everyone that the gaffer knows what he is doing, we knew that when his name was announced.  He’s had some big jobs in the past and does have that experience.  It’s never in question.  He says things and it makes you think, they make sense.  He’s a winner and his win record is good to look at.

His appointment is a bit of a coup for Bury, he’s an experienced manager and has been at bigger clubs to this one.  Hopefully we can start getting some results now.  Each manager has their own ideas and it’s up to us as players to impress every time that we can.  I am sure he knows what we can do and what we are capable of, if we can maintain our level of performance and improve, then results will improve and benefit us all.”

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