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I like this brand of football

28 October 2012

Troy Hewitt on his arrival at Bury and looking forward

“I’ve had my first taste of football at Bury now, it was good though it was a hard game to come into at 1-1 but it was a game that we should have been ahead in, but I tried to adapt to the pace of the game and keep up as quickly as I could.

The pace is fast, and everything we do is not 100 mile and hour and not out of control.  It’s done as fast as we possibly can to try and get the results.  It’s a brand of football that will work over time.  It’s not something that will fade away because everyone is getting fitter day by day.

I’ve been here a couple of weeks now and am surprised at where we are in the table.  You come into a new club and you can see everything that’s going on around it. I’m seeing everything fairly and unbiased, and when you look at some of the players that are here, and the way we play, it really doesn’t match upto the league position at all.

It’s a matter of time now, we won’t be in this position for much longer now, in two months’ time we will be higher up the table.  Give it a few more weeks and people will really start to see what this club is really about and what the team is about.

The move to Bury was just something that came about.  My agent first told me about it and spoke to the club.  I came up for a week to train and I think did really well.  I really like it here and there was nothing telling me no.

The plan is to do as best as I can for the month and see where we are.  I am here to learn, and with the gaffer that is here, I can learn as much as possible from him in the month and we will see what happens.

I had a taste of league football at Dagenham, but the football here is completely different.  Its better, in League Two it’s a lot more physical, even though it  is very physical here – as we saw on Saturday, it’s a different style of football completely. Here we have the football, the physical side and a lot of tactical side of the game.

I don’t want to go back to QPR and back into their development squad, I’d like to extend here for as long as possible, but you never know what happens.  I don’t know if I can play in the FA Cup next weekend, it’s not been mentioned yet, but I’d like to.

I can learn quite a lot whilst I am here, it’s about experience these days and to come to a club like Bury is a very good place to gain that experience. This if far from London and I can focus and show that I can stand up on my own two feet.

I’m settled here and like the area quite a lot, it’s a lot quieter than London and for me that’s important.  I like it in Bury, rather than Manchester.  When it’s too busy, and Manchester is like London, then it becomes hard to focus.  Here I go training, go home and wait to go to training again.  Its proper football here.”

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