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It will take time, but its coming

28 October 2012

Kevin Blackwell on the 1-1 draw with Walsall

“That’s another missed opportunity for three points, another game with 12 or 13 shots on target.  I’ll hold my hands up though, their keeper has made some great saves, but it’s still a missed opportunity.  The biggest difference for me now though is that we are all bitterly disappointed that we haven’t won the game.  That’s the difference now, we look as though we want to win and that we can win – but it’s a missed opportunity and it’s disappointing.

We had the opportunity to punish them.  We had two teenage strikers on at the end, but if you look at the whole team, it is quite a young team.  Trevor Carson is only 23 and only has 43 games under his belt as a professional goalkeeper.  We are a young side, maybe we missed Andy Bishop, but that doesn’t mean we cannot be frustrated.

I wasn’t brought here because things were going well, they are going well now and we go home bitterly disappointed that we haven’t won a game.  It’s been a long time since Bury can say that we are disappointed not to have won games.  We should have won the game, but its learning, it’s always learning.

Andy Bishop is injured but we have to get on with it, but it does mean that we end up with an 18 year old striker and people have got to be patient with him, I thought he did well on Saturday, he did some things well and some things not so well, but that’s typical of a striker that is learning his game.  I am delighted with how he has done.  He’s been absolutely fantastic and has given everything that he has got.

I said when I came in that we needed to look after him.  He is learning and unfortunately a part of that learning curve is that he has missed two or three good chances in the game.  In another years’ time, they would be in the back of the net.  Matt Doherty was good again as well.  Overall we were the better team, but didn’t finish it.

To try and build a team takes times.  I’m trying to build a team under the pressure of trying to get results and trying to bring people in.  It’s a difficult job and as a manager, it’s one of the hardest skills you can have.  I could do with a pre-season where we could spend eight weeks doing what we need to do, but we haven’t got that, we just haven’t got the time.  Then the pressure is on the players and the injuries come, we have to build, rebuild, get loan players in, send back, re-loan – it’s a tough job.

I can’t remember Walsall have chances and that’s what’s so disappointing.  Their goal was just so disappointing.  If I had seen that on the park on a Sunday morning, I’d laugh my head off and I am angry with that.  I am fed up with stupid Mickey Mouse goals going in.  It’s one part of our game that I am really annoyed with.

I’ve let the players know, I am fed up with giving other teams a lift.  Unfortunately we could have done better.  We could have done better with the clearance last week at Yeovil, and now again we could have done better with the clearance against Walsall.  We are getting punished every time and we cannot carry on like this.  That might be there only shot on target.

We are talking again about concentration when out of possession. If I am not involved with possession or with the ball then I have to concentrate.  As a defender you have to be aware, look at where my man is and get a better position.  Again its working with them, and getting an understanding.  I don’t believe that the work here has been done enough; therefore we have to start to do it every day of the week. That why double sessions have been in place.

I said a few weeks ago that this would take time; it will take way more time that I need to get what I want to do.  I’m sure people understand what I am trying to do.  That’s two games unbeaten; we’ve lost one in the last four or five.

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