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We have to believe in ourselves

14 October 2012

Kevin Blackwell on the defeat at Crawley Town

“We’ve been mugged with that result, but at the moment it’s no good feeling sorry for ourselves, but we are getting mugged at the moment.  The first goal against Swindon last week is a replica of the goal at Crawley on Saturday.  Nicky Adams has held his hand up, he played a cross but it was exactly the same and it’s floated in at the back post.  That was the only spell they had in the second half.

Could we have done better?  We have to look at it and say yes, we could have done better.  I’ve told the lads that if we play like we did in the second half, then we will win more games.  They have to take that out onto the pitch.  If they do that, they will be ok, they have to believe more in themselves.

We’ve seen it again in this game in the first half, we had opportunities to get the ball into the box, but it’s not gone in.  I keep telling the wide men that that is there job.  As a centre half they have to head it, make the tackle and keep clean sheets.  Midfielders have to create and block and up front you have to shoot and score goals. I want to see people do more of what their jobs are.

In the second half we certainly got balls into the box and we caused them all sorts of problems.  We should really have won the game.  As I have said, when your down at the bottom, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong – that’s where we are at the moment.

Scoring goals is a bit too easy for the opposition and from what I have seen, that’s been the problem all season.  I’m saying to the back four that if they have to defend eight versus four, then they have to defend eight versus four.  Everything is the right side, but they are too far from their players.  I said it the other day and we saw it again on Saturday – this is going to be a tough job.

I knew this was going to be a tough job.  It’s difficult to make the changes to the squad that I want to make.  Unfortunately we are hamstrung, even if I bring in loan players, we can only play so many.  To me, a loan player is only a short term solution, but we have a long term problem.  At the moment everything is going to have to be short term.

When you bring in loan players, you know you can’t have them for the season and you know they will be gone after a month of two.  We have to try and be creative and do what we can for the players that need a little bit of help.

This is where as a club we have to be working hard off the pitch as well as off the pitch.  We haven’t got the time to get the players we want in and bed them in, plus we are trying to get them a bit sharper and a bit fitter when it’s game after game after game.  I have to try and do my best and try and be a smarter manager.

I’ve said to the players that when you are at the top of the league, everyone wants your players, when you are at the bottom, nobody wants your players.  It makes it harder to get players in, it’s easier said than done with the position we are in.  We will work hard as a club, one thing that Bury has always been known for it that we work hard, we roll our sleeves up and we don’t give up.

That’s the mentality I want from the players and we saw that on Saturday.  I made a comment last week and I have to be guarded with what I say, I cannot make comments like I made last week.  I do want the players to know how I feel and how I am thinking; they don’t need me going on about it all the time.

Now it’s Carlisle and if they play like they did in the second half then we can beat them.  I was confident in the second half that we would win the game.  I said before the game that we could get a result.  We knew it would be tough in the first 40 or 50 minutes.  We gave away a stupid goal just before half time, so we had to pick the players up again.  All I seem to be doing is picking the player’s up, it would be great for them if they came in with something to hang their hats on.  They haven’t done that, every time they are chasing the game.

It’s a stupid goal before half time, but again they have showed terrific tenacity and sometimes as a club we have to help them by bringing in better players and please god we can do that.”

Watch the full video interview with the gaffer on Shakers Player


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