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The lads have the belief

5 April 2013

Kevin Blackwell on missing chances, the club and looking forward to Hartlepool

“On Monday at Orient, the first thirty minutes of the game encapsulated our season.  Results are key to anything you do as a manager, but it’s the both boxes syndrome.  If you had been a striker and gone to bed that night and dreamt about having chances, those were the sort of chances you would have had, but we can go back to the Stevenage game with the chance Craig Jones had, Carlisle away with Tom Hopper and Shrewsbury at home, Leyton Orient at home – we’ve had chances.


I know people have been miffed with me because I have said certain things, but frustration eats away at you, its game after game.  The numbers of times I have been asked after game – Kevin, how did you lose that one – it’s happened time after time after time.  I don’t think a lot of the fans realise just how well we have been playing.  Orient fans walking out on Monday told me that they felt for us, they told me we were a decent team.  Barry Hearn told the directors that we are a good unit, he tweeted that he did not know how they had not lost that game.  We’ve had the same message from MK Dons, Carlisle and we can go on and on

Maybe it’s just one of those years that no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem to be working.  Its game after game after game.  When I was asked what we needed, I said both boxes.  The two key areas of the game that have eluded us all season.  For one reason or another, we can’t make any changes and that’s really been the frustration.

Orient were on a good run before we played them, the stats for the first half were very much in our favour, and we played into the teeth of a gale in the second half and the stats were in our favour again.  Joe Dunne from Colchester was sat in my office and said he was embarrassed to be taking all the points back with him.  Russell Slade on Monday said the same, Neil Baker and Steve David from Crewe said exactly the same; Eddie How was very complimentary about us at Bournemouth.

I feel for these players because they have been fantastic, and it just puts this myth about they are not playing for someone – its rubbish, they have shown that for all their industry and hard work – when are they going to get their rewards.  It’s just frustration and it’s just throughout the whole of the club.  We should be renamed Bury Frustrated FC for fans, players and the staff.  We have created so many good chances, yet it just beggers belief, yet we are where we are.

We are a player down for Hartlepool after losing Steven Schumacher this week, but we will just keep going and if we carry on performing like we have been doing, then surely that force field across the oppositions goal cannot stay up much longer.  If we are not hitting the target, their keeper is making unbelievable saves.  The two saves from Tom Soares and Nicky Ajose against Crewe were just top draw saves.  We are peppering teams and their keeper is in the game.  Sometimes you can catch them cold by not being as effective up front.

I am proud of the lads and what they have done here, but we have to keep going.  The fans that went to Orient on Monday would have been pleased with what they saw, but once again we are disappointed not to have got the result that our efforts deserved.

I have no qualms that the players will keep going, I just wish that we as a club and them as players could get a little bit of a break.  We’ve not had that break.  Against Orient on Monday, a team that has been in form for a while – they could make changes, good changes and we played them off the park, we peppered their goals – they just deserve a break.

Every game is as important as the next and as the last.  If our endeavour and our hard work had been rewarded with goals, we would have won the last four or five games.  There is not much more that I can ask from these lads, there’s not much more they can do in the games.  They still have that belief.  We’ve lost Joe Skarz and now Schuey, but they still have that belief.  We are asking them to fit in holes, Ebanks-Landell has gone in at right back – I brought him here to be an anchor man in midfield.  David Worrall is now playing at left back, he’s played right back, right wing, left win, centre mid – wherever I have asked this kid to play, he has been absolutely magnificent.

These lads have infinity with this club.  Bury FC is a very well respected football club, by people in the game that know.  A lot of people have come here and gone on and done well.  You look around the place, it is a good football club, we haven’t got tin pot stands.  This is a proper football club and for whatever reason, everything has gone wrong this season.  You never get credit because of where we are.”

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