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A Final Farewell from Ronnie

10 December 2013

A final few words from Ronnie Jepson...

'I met with the chairman last night; he's a fantastic fella, he just wants to do what's best for Bury Football Club. We had a chat about one or two things and he has decided to bring in David Flitcroft who's a really good guy. The chairman wants an overhaul so I understand exactly where he is coming from. 

I understand the PR and I understand that I come under the Kevin Blackwell umbrella. The chairman maybe wants to go in a different direction which I understand. 

I'll leave the club with my head held high, as I believe that I have done a decent job only losing 2 in the last 8 league games. I think that I have managed to galvanise the lads together as a group. The new management coming in has a good set of players and with 2 or 3 additions they will have a top team. 

You do get disappointments in life but I'm a realist. Sometimes you have to put other people's hats on and understand where they are coming from. I have the utmost respect for the chairman, the staff, the players and the supporters at Bury Football Club, so that's why I've done my best whilst I was here. I think that in the circumstances I did a decent job. 

I've just been to say goodbye to the lads as I know how much they were working for me, which is important and the chairman realises that. All I can do now is just wish them all the best. 

The team isn't far off where it needs to be. My hands were tied a little in terms of recruitment but Flitcroft is coming in now. He's got four games coming up that are winnable, so I understand the meaning to that in me leaving now - that's football. David should get off to a good start with the upcoming Christmas games so I wish him well, and I mean that sincerely I don't just say that as I don't talk rubbish I say things how they are. 

The supporters have been brilliant with me, they may have had one or two moans and groans but that isn't a problem. The fans will get behind David and the team so I think that they can still have a good season. 

I've got no regrets. I have done everything properly in the training, the preparation, everything that we have done has been really professional. Both Fred Barber and Ben Futcher have been excellent for me, they have worked their socks of for me. I have had a few sleepless nights since I took the job, but I can look myself in the mirror and know that I gave 110% I couldn't have given anymore. 

I just want to wish all the supporters and everyone connected to the football club all the best for the future.'  

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