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I've a lot of work to do

27 December 2013

Dave Flitcroft’s reaction to the 2-2 draw with Scunthorpe United

‘I think everyone is super focused around one result at this football club.  Every single person at the club is focussed on one result.  My job is to win football matches over a length of time.  This is going to take time; there is no doubt about that.


I don’t want a football match where for 20 minutes we are recovering.  It was important for me, and I said this to the players, that I wanted to get to half time with a clean sheet.  That was the first thing I asked them to commit to – we lasted 37 minutes and out Achilles heel came to haunt us once again.  There are things that I have to instil at this club and it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work.

The process will come and if the process is right and you look at what we are trying to do, the lads believe in it and it was big for them, but I take the emotion of that last 20 minutes away because I have to find that process.  I know it as a formula and it will come off the training ground.  That’s where I want to be with this group of players.

Anyone can grab or gain a fluke result.  Scunthorpe came here with seven or eight results on the bounce through sheer hard work on the training ground.  I know Russ Wilcox really well and he has a group of players there that are determined to do well, and that’s something that I have to build at this football club.  I’m excited by the challenge, but I will be a lot happier when I feel that we have a team that can design results.

At half time, I certainly said to the players that there were certain players that have to stand up and be counted.  In the first half there were a few going through the motions, they were going to places where it was quite easy.  When you’re finding yourself and you get in that difficult moment, can you come through it – and they did do that.

In the last 20 minutes of the second half, there was a force and a fury about their play, a devilment at times and at times they showed some thought.  They didn’t just throw the ball in aimlessly.  We tried to put measured crosses in, but they defended defiantly, and we deserved to get at least a point from the game.

When Nards went through at the end, he was the one you wanted in that situation.  In the first half he didn’t represent anything that he wanted to be.  Danny Nardiello is a player that when I first came here and I knew that I would be working with him, he gives you honesty, sincerity, quality, precision and in the first half there was none of that.

I had some real harsh words at half time because I felt that he wasn’t committing, and the one thing that he has done being a Rotherham player playing at Bury, is that he has committed to the Bury cause.  I was always going to leave him on because he does have that quality, in the last minute he has turned up and scored what can be a priceless goal for us.

With so many loan signings at the club, we’d like to make the deal with Danny permanent to take the weight off the loan situation.  Danny Nardiello is a Dave Flitcroft type of player that I am trying to bring to the club.  Before I came he was getting high balls smashed to him, but if you can play through him and get him slid into the box, and passed into the box then there are a lot of goals in him.

I want to work with Danny, he knows that and I know that he enjoys the environment; the professionalism and I need disciples.   A lot of young managers find it difficult at times to work with older players, but I embrace them and I enjoy working with them, they turn into leaders and I want them.

My boys will come to games and they will become Bury fans.  I will tell them to watch Chris Sedgwick, the way he does his job, the way he goes about his job, his professionalism and the way he looks after himself.  He’s a top professional and it’s no fluke when you see the likes of Ryan Giggs playing that many games, Chris Sedgwick playing many games.  They haven’t been lucky; they have designed that from day one.  I will be showing the young players and making sure they follow players like Sedge.’

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