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All eyes on Brentford

8 February 2013

Kevin Blackwell reflects on the Doncaster win and looks forward to Brentford

‘The boys have had a bit of a spring in their step this week; it’s always nice to win and to win with a bit of style helps as well, and against one of the form teams of the division.  It would have been nice to finish the game off with some of the good chances that we had late in the game as well.  These players have been playing with a lot of confidence for quite a long time, we know that and anyone that has watched us in recent weeks, knows that we are a team that with a bit of luck can do something.

What was pleasing for me was that we took the chances and we played with a little bit of a swagger as well, and then when we had to dig in, we showed all the elements of a team that could do something.

We’ve never been able to get away from people, to open up a gap in a game.  That’s always been the problem and why I have been saying about both boxes.  Maybe if we can score at one end it would help the problem in the other box, but we’ve not been able to do both of them.  We had to try and sort one out and then hopefully that might lead to another, and thankfully it has.  We looked fairly comfortable, Doncaster were throwing everything at us.  They had all their subs on early and it just wasn’t worth disrupting the team by changing the side.  

A lot of people have said that we are a very fit team, that comment has come quite a lot of times.  That was something that was dealt with a long time ago.  The tempo that we can play at and keep playing at is good.  We had three great chances in the game on Saturday, that’s where games are won and lost.  Thankfully we didn’t need to take them, but the lads were there looking for those chances and that takes great fitness.

Fitness comes in many ways, in speed of thought.  It comes in a physical prowess and we need all those things to come together and when they do come together, then you have a very good unit.  One thing that we can be is a fit team.  It’s not just mind numbing running, it’s all football related but whilst it’s tough, the players do realise the benefit of it.

We have a striker in at the moment and we are taking a good look at him.  He came in last week on trial and we’ve asked him to stay for another week.  I will make the decision when it’s right, but as things stand now, there is no real progress on getting somebody in.
When I came here in, nobody would have said that in the second week in February, we would have a game in hand and only needed to win that game in hand to get out of the bottom four.  There is a belief amongst the staff and the players and amongst the fans that we can stay in this division.  

Is Saturday’s game any harder than Doncaster, or MK Dons?  We know what to expect from Brentford.  We are down here fighting for our lives and we will keep doing that.  We will not give in and we are really looking forward to pitting out wits against the top teams.  

We’ve shown physically and tactically that we can match anybody.  We can switch the formations around and play in different styles and we’ve been doing it in games.  Clubs know that if they play Bury, we can change formations during a game.

Brentford are a really good side, I’ve seen them four or five times this year.  I saw them in the FA Cup replay against Southend and they murdered them, they won 2-1 but it could have been a lot more.  It’s a tough game, they have spent a lot of money on good players – but I think we have good players.  

We have a reputation of being a team that is hard to beat, if anybody does beat us, then it has to be over 90 minutes and not over ten minutes.”

Watch the full video interview with Kevin Blackwell on Shakers Players

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