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They all give us something

1 July 2013

Kevin Blackwell gives his thoughts on the six new faces

‘Gareth Roberts had three or four offers to go somewhere else.  He played 32 times for Derby County in the championship last year, and I felt that with the massive influx of new players that we need experienced players.  Players that can handle the pressure and players that can pass on their knowledge of the game, and that’s why Gareth is here. 


He’s a terrific lad and to be fair, I’ve tried to sign him before when I was at Sheffield United.  He is a player that optimises the word professional.  I spoke to quite a few people at Derby and they were sick to see him leave Derby. 

He will do exactly what is on the tin, and bring experience to the squad.  He’s a very good left back and with plenty of playing time left in him.  Because of all the changes here, we need players in that have been there, seen it and done it and he’s definitely worn the t-shirt.

Ashley Grimes was on his way to Cheltenham and we got in there just in time.  He is a player that we have been tracking and he has a terrific goal scoring record.  We know that was our Achilles heel last season.  We need to get goals into this team.  He’s proven at this level and he’s been a thorn in our side for goodness knows how long.  As he has been such a thorn in our side, it’s a good time to remove it and put him in our side.

Nathan Cameron is a young centre half and he’s a big lad.  He’s quick strong and the type of player that the club is trying to rebuild itself on.  He is a player with potential that we can expand on and move on at some point, but right now we are delighted to get him into the club.

We took Euan Holden in last season and he needed to learn certain aspects of his game, just like Craig Jones was when he first came here.  I didn’t expose him until it was right and when he did get in; he made a massive impression when he got in, even though it was only the last game of the season.  He’s very athletic and has that ability to get up and down.

Greg McDermott is a player with potential, and if he turns out anything like his father (Terry McDermott), then we will have a player.  I’ve spoken to Newcastle and they have told me that the kid does have ability and he’s obviously got the pedigree.  He’s another one in the Nathan Cameron role, and if it can come off and we can develop him, then we might have ourselves a player here.

Andy Proctor is very well known around this area, he’s played a lot of games at this level.  When you go into a new league, you have to make sure you have some experience in that league.  He is big and strong.  At his level, you tend to see a lot more route one football.  Long throws and balls into the box – we are going to have to defend it and we need four or five, maybe even six players that can deal with the high ball and threat. 

Andy comes into hat mould, he’s big and strong, and he’s affective and will be a good addition for us.

We are five or six short of where I want to be, we are hoping to sign one or two more as well as maybe one or two loan players.  It’s going to be about getting the right player at the right time.  Hopefully those that have signed will prove to be good acquisitions for the club. 

One or two of the trialist’s have impressed.  We have already let ten go but it was a very worthwhile job to have done. 



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