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Chalk and Cheese

28 June 2013

The impact of the revolution, described by Kevin Blackwell

‘The Fans Forum on Wednesday was unbelievable, and for the first time, there is a real buzz about the place.  We know where we are going and there is a very positive attitude around the place from top to bottom.  We are now controlling what we are doing.  What a difference from last season.  From the crisis management of last year to this!  We never managed anything, the crisis managed us, but now we are in control.


I feel now that this is exactly what I came for.  When I first came, all the things I talked about that we needed are happening now, the new gym, the new facilities’ and the new staff.  Everything we talked about is here, and the new chairman when we talked, is adamant that this is exactly what we wanted.  We went back to the presentation that we talked about and we ticked nine out of the ten boxes.

For thirty odd years, nothing has happened here.  Now we have builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians everywhere.  All of a sudden it’s looking good.  The chairman wants championship facilities off the pitch and we have to try and get to the championship on the pitch.  He also knows that for us to be able to do that, we need the facilities to give us the chance to do that. 

I’m so excited about the new gym, the medical centre and everything around the ground.  It’s fabulous; it’s exciting times for all of us.  When the new chairman came in I knew straight away, we sat down for a half hour chat, which lasted nearly five hours.  We went through everything, how I saw the club and why I thought that this was a good club to save. I thought this club had a good future, its history, its reputation in football and where we stood in football circles.  We went through everything and ticked nine out of the ten boxes.

The chairman knows where he wants this club to be and the relationship between me and the chairman is absolutely massive, but I am delighted that I have had a big influence on saving the club.   I have a lot of time and respect for this football club.  I know what it did for me as a young coach.  It would have been an absolute travesty to see the club go and we all knew that it was coming.  It was clarified at the forum on Wednesday, the real seriousness of how things were.

A lot of the fans there came to me and told me that they had a real go at me, but now we know the truth they were apologising to me.  They have nothing to apologise for.  It wasn’t for us to talk about how bad it was.  Obviously it was bad, we couldn’t sign players, we couldn’t fill benches but now – its chalk and cheese and we are only talking inside four to five weeks.

The facts from last season were horrific.  We were letting players go because we could not afford to pay them.  I had to do things knowing that it would save the club and making unbelievable decisions, decisions that I have never made in my career, but in the end it’s worked.  A lot of the work that was done from January onwards has paid dividends.  We knew that to make this an attractive proposition, we had to get the wage bill down, it helped the situation.

I’ve had one or two agents phone me, and they have said that they are hearing that good things are happening at Bury.  They are offering players that maybe wouldn’t come anywhere near here in previous years.  The fans that are coming inked seeing hat it going on are absolutely gobsmacked with what they have seen.

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