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Strong Women

10 October 2013

Final session of the Community Trust’s ‘Strong Women’ project

Tomorrow (Friday) will see the final session of the Community Trust’s ‘Strong Women’ project, in conjunction with Great Places Housing Association in South Manchester.

‘Strong Women’ focuses on providing women who have limited qualifications or employment opportunities with information to help improve their confidence and lifestyle choices through a joint education and physical activity programme. For example, activities such as walking workouts or Zumba, are combined with information about diet, shopping on a budget and keeping the whole family healthy.

Feedback from the women taking part showed that many of them didn’t realise the effect that being overweight had on their health and confidence and the feel good effect that could be gained from taking part in regular exercise.  The programme helped the women understand that small changes could have a dramatic effect on themselves and on their family.  For example, walking their children to school could help save money and improve the fitness of themselves and their whole families and there are many free family activities available such as days out to the park which can provide some quality family time at a limited cost.

The ‘Strong Women’ programme has been delivered to Great Places residents in South Manchester by the Community Trust’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Lucy Hodson over a 12 week long programme with some really excellent results. The majority of the women on the course lost weight, with one participant losing 17lbs.  Another of the women found the confidence to start a new job after never previously being employed and two women started a college course;  embarking on a new journey to build on existing qualifications to better themselves and their families future. 

One of the participants, Jayden, commented,

Over the past 12 weeks, I have developed a lot more self-confidence, not only with the way I communicate but also in achieving my goals in life.

Eating healthily and having this knowledge has helped me as before I was aware but lacked the confidence to change.  I am now at college studying and I plan to take all that I have learnt and apply it to my daily routine, keeping my fitness and healthier lifestyle at an optimum level.

I plan to surround my children with healthier foods and imprint this on them in the hope that they will inherit the awareness I have and feel just as good in their academic and social lives.

Without the ‘Strong Women’ course, I would never have been able to succeed; lack of confidence is a hideous emotion that can fill a person with failure. I want to thank Lucy and all the people involved for helping and setting me free.  I feel happy, healthy and in the best place emotionally that I have been for years.  My life was full of trauma and each day was as depressing as the one before.  Now I feel exhilarated and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.  This course is far better than any counselling and far better than I could have ever predicted.

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