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They are well prepared

18 October 2013

Ronnie Jepson on a busy Gigg Lane week and looking forward to Portsmouth

“We heard what was happening before training on Monday.  Kevin (Blackwell) went to see the chairman and we all know what took place at that meeting, now we just have to carry on.  It was a shock; it’s always a shock when somebody gets sacked.

You’re always disappointed when something like this happens.  The chairman asked me if I would take over the reins at this moment in time.  I spoke to Kevin about that and he didn’t have any problems with me doing that, so I am just looking after it now out of respect to the chairman and the football club, and I will do my upmost whilst I am doing that.

I know that the chairman has been inundated with enquiries for the job because it is a good position.  That’s expected and until such time I will just give 110% to the football club and everyone involved in it, we will see where that takes us.

I asked Kevin because I believe all staff should have a loyalty to the people that have brought you here.  I haven’t worked for him that long but he understands the nature of football.  I think it’s a bit rude in football that people that are asked to do this are suddenly shouting for the job.  That’s not fair on the chairman and the supporters.  I am already employed by the club so why put your hat in the ring like that.

The chairman has asked me to take charge until such time that he has interviewed people, or unless results go well for us – you just never know, but I will do my upmost for this club whilst I am here.

If things go well whilst I am in charge, then we will see what happens, but I am not looking into the future, I haven’t got a Chrystal ball.  It’s always important that we get back to winning games.  We go down to Portsmouth on Saturday and we are looking forward to it, we are prepared and the lads do have a bit of a sparkle about them.

I might have to change one or two things but we will see and work on that.  It’s a tough game, another tough game on Tuesday night but they are games that we do look forward to.

We’ve done a few little things in training, but nothing untoward.  We haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel.  We’ve tried to get a bit of a sparkle into the lads and they know they have a tough game on Saturday.  They are well prepared and well versed in how Portsmouth play, we know their strengths and weaknesses.  On the day we just hope that we take our A game to them and give it a good go.

This is about Bury Football Club; I haven’t knocked on the chairman’s door telling him I want the job.  I’ve been stood with him when his phone is ringing and emails are coming through from perspective manages.  I’m surprised my mother hasn’t applied for it – there’s that many.  Nobody is surprised by it, its football and life goes on.  If the chairman gives it to somebody else, then I will wish them all the best because this is a fantastic football club.

The biggest thing on our mind at the moment is Portsmouth on Saturday.”

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