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Work hard and believe in it

25 October 2013

Ronnie Jepson on Tuesdays game, training and looking forward to Wycombe on Saturday

‘Following Tuesdays game we do have a few bruises amongst the lads, the game was a bit rough and tumble and wasn’t a classic game, but the lads managed to stand up to it.  Tommy Miller did get a bad knock on his shoulder and he was rested on Thursday, he’s had two days with the physio so will wait until Friday to see how he is.


Craig Jones will not make it for the weekend, but he’s not far off.  He got a groin injury a few weeks back but he’s not far off getting back in now.  The lads came back in on Thursday in really good spirit.  With the game at Portsmouth, there were a lot of positives from the game, but Tuesday night was a totally different game, it was horrible but we knew what to expect.

I’ve spoken to other managers beforehand and we knew what to expect from them.  We knew that it would be tin hats and that they would try to intimidate and bully us, but the lads stood upto it.  They disrupted the flow and we couldn’t get going, especially in the first half, they slowed it down at every opportunity, we kept going to the death and we saw a few chances hit the back post; Tom Soares had a decent chance in the first half that went over the bar.

We can’t put it in the back of the net for them; we just have to hope that it turns and that the goals will come.  It was hard to get through.  The tackle that brought the red card deserved a red card, I’ve seen it again and he deserved it.  It looked a red card then and I haven’t changed my mind since. 

We move on though, they had two banks of four and it’s hard to break down.  If there’s one criticism it’s our final ball into the box. We do so well to get where we want to be and then the final ball into the box is not good enough.  You’re going to get that at this level, there are no world beaters at this level so you have to put it up with, try to improve it and encourage them to improve. 

Shaun Harrad and Danny Hylton have both got pedigree at this level and I am trying to stick with these lads.  I don’t want to keep chopping and changing the side.  Everyone will get a fair crack of the whip and if it comes to the point where it doesn’t happen then they will have to be replaced with other people.

It’s just not dropping for them and hopefully the luck will turn.  It needs hard work and determination, keep doing the right things, keeps getting into the right areas and hopefully they will get on the end of things.

We are doing everything the right way, they look sharp in training and we want to get that team ethic in there.  We will work together as a team, not as individuals and o forward as a group.  That’s what we are trying to instil into the football club.

When I played here, we had a fantastic team ethic and a team spirit.  If somebody was having a bad day, the rest will pull you out and that’s where the word team comes from, even at this level.  These lads need a steady team instead of chopping and changing every week.  They will get to know each other.

It will all come together and when it does it will be good, it doesn’t happen by accident, you have to work at it and believe in what you do.  Whatever you do in life, you have to work at it and believe in it.  The lads have done really well on the training ground, they take in what you say, and they stay behind after training if they want to improve.


Wycombe are a decent side.  Gareth Ainsworth has done well since he took over.  They have some decent players and have been playing really well.  They play with a diamond which is sometimes hard to play against, but we have done some work on that this week.  

I want a good game of football like we saw at Portsmouth; hopefully it’s much more of the same but with a better result.’

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