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Looking Sharp in Training

20 September 2013

Kevin Blackwell talks about his team’s sharpness and Saturday’s game against Southend United.

After a busy week in training, Kevin Blackwell talks about his team’s sharpness in training and Saturday’s game against Southend United.

‘We’ve looked sharp again this week in training – I’m feeling excited by us again. This week the lads have worked hard and we’ve looked at the aspects of our game that we need to improve. We’ve been looking at areas such as dropping too deep and allowing too many crosses to come in. If we improve in those areas then I’m sure we’ll start to fly.

We always said that there needs to be patience, trying to build a club from top to bottom takes time. We are still trying to build a team with the 20 plus players that have come in over the summer, building the new facilities, as well as continuing to put ideas, theories and philosophies into place. No other club has been through what we have been through this summer. 

It’s frustrating that we are not getting the results and it’s also frustrating that we know how close we are to getting those results.

To develop a team properly it takes time and a series of events. The players have to come into the club, you have to develop cohesion between them to create stability and you need the understanding from the players. 

The fans had asked at the forum that was held at the end of last season ‘how are we going to be able to stay in the league? ‘. This was at the forefront of my mind going into the start of this season. First and foremost it was about staying in the league, but I now know that I have a team that can compete in the league at the top end of the table.

We have talked about the club being a development club in which we bring players in and polish them up, which we are continuing to do but we also want to win. If the club is going to bring in young players they need time to develop – as they get better, we’ll get better and we’re close now. 

Going into the game against Southend we have a few injuries, so I have issues in areas in which I’ve been previously blessed with numbers. There’s a strong desire from each player, they are all desperate to play for the club and all want to be part of what’s going on at the club. 

Goals are crucial in the game against Southend. Southend are one of the favourites in the league. Phil Brown has strengthened the Southend squad brining in players from Fulham and various other clubs over the summer.   

We’ve had a tough start to the season with some really tough games. I said to the players you have raised the expectations of the fans with some of the performances that you have put in, now you have to handle that and reach that standard that you’ve raised.’ 

For the full video interview with Kevin Blackwell in which he talks about Craig Jones and his assists record, Bury being in the national spotlight and the development team game against Huddersfield subscribe to Shakers Player, or watch a clip from the interview on YouTube.

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