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Pre-Season Fitness Tests

8 July 2014

The first team squad put through their paces in the pre-season fitness test...

As part of the Club's pre-season regime the players were sent to Bolton University for their first challenge of the pre-season - fitness tests. 

The tests were height, weight, body fat percentage, isokinetics, sprint times over 30 meters, Vo2 Max and vertical jump.

Isokinetics is a strength and muscular endurance test. The test shows how much effort is exerted during two different movement speeds and repetitions. This gives the fitness team an indication of the player's strength during different phases in relation to quad and hamstring strength. 

Vo2 Max test is a progressive fitness based running test which fully test the player's aerobic energy system, performed until the player can no longer continue to run.

Sprint times over 30 meters consists of a player running through speed gates, from which the system then produces a breakdown of times as the player progresses through 10 – 20 – 30 meters. 

Vertical jump gives an indication of a player’s vertical jump height in centimetres, measuring lower body power output. The left and right legs were also tested to see if there was any considerable discrepancies between either leg.  

The fitness team set up the tests in order to profile the players, so that going forward they can individualise things for each player.

The testing has enabled the fitness team to discover the player’s strengths and weaknesses which is beneficial so that during both pre-season and the season the team can work with the players as individuals, working on maintenance and their weaknesses in order to prevent injuries and improve fitness levels, in order to help improve their overall performances.

The data collected from the tests can also be used to re-test each player during the season to monitor any individual gains that may have been made through pre-season. 

The results can also be used as a return to training protocol, if a player picks up an injury as he goes through his rehabilitation new data can be used to compare with the data collected from the test from when the player was fit. 

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