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Club News


10 February 2015

We have introduced girls across the borough to a new and upcoming sporting activity called ‘Soccercise’...

Soccercise is a mixture of football skills and exercise and the activity requires varied movements both with and without a ball. All movements challenge each individual as they have different stages of intensity.

The girls were asked to demonstrate different skills on the ball whilst the music was playing (picture below), Katie said ‘ I really enjoyed taking part as it’s something I’ve never done before and not only do I get to practice my football skills but I get to work out too, which saves me going to the gym.’ 
Our coach Natasha Herity stated ‘As a coach when delivering Soccercise I felt like the participants were putting 100% effort into each movement because if they felt like they were struggling they were able to try the basic movement first then once they felt comfortable they attempted to increase their intensity and challenge themselves’.

Below is another picture showing the participants working hard with the ball during floor work, Laura stated after the session that; ‘I like doing Soccercise to music as it motivates me not to stop and to keep going’.

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