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Brassy on New Role

19 June 2015

New Head of Football Operations, Chris Brass, has spoken about what his role will entail.

Last season’s Assistant Manager, Chris Brass, was announced as the Club’s new Head of Football Operations earlier this week.


The move sees Ben Futcher move into the Assistant Manager role and recently retired Chris Sedgwick become First Team Player-Coach at the Shakers.


Chris Brass has said that the role was seen as something they needed to give them more control over all aspects of football at the Club, and he was seen as the perfect candidate.


Talking to Shakers Player yesterday, Brassy said: “It’s something we have been looking at for a while, in respect to what it will bring to the Football Club.


“When we sat down and spoke about what it will entail and who would be capable of taking on the role, we looked at whether I’d be suitable for that role and whether I’d want to do it.


“This is the way the modern game is going. I don’t think people realise what does go on in the operations of a Football Club in order for the team to get results at 3 o’clock on a Saturday.


“The Assistant Manager role used to take on most of the aspects this role takes on, however since we’ve moved to Carrington there is a lot more to it than what one man can do.”


As well as looking at the First Team in terms of its operations, in his new role the ex- Shakers defender will also be looking at putting a procedure in place to get the young players from the successful Academy sides into the first team set-up.


He said: “We’ve got some fantastic youngsters at the Club, who are near First Team, if not ready for the First Team.


“The new role is about making sure there is a structure in place where the development of a young player will get them into the First Team.


“We’ve got such talent within our system, they are actually getting noticed by Premier League clubs.”


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