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Firing Up the Shakers

24 March 2015

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our long term partners S&S Northern...

Steve McMahon said of his continued support:

I first started following Bury FC in the sixties. I lived in Whitefield and went to Heys Boys secondary school in Prestwich. Our PE teacher at the time was Brian Grundy, it’s hard to believe but at that time he taught at the school and also played part-time for Bury. He came into school one day and asked if anyone wanted a schoolboy ticket for Gigg. It was effectively a free season ticket for the schoolboys stand. I took him up on the offer as did my school mate Gary Clarke. That was it, I was hooked and have been a Bury fan ever since, I still see Gary Clarke at the ground. His son is now a Bury Fan as are my sons, who are in their thirties, even my grandchildren come to the ground. It goes to prove that attracting children to the stadium at an early stage can have the effect of bringing supporters to the ground for years to come. Incidentally Brian Grundy went on that year to be part of the Bury side that won promotion to the third division in the 67/68 season.
As a result of being a lifelong Bury fan and all my sons and grandchildren being fans we have, where possible, tried to get involved with the club and for the past six years sponsored the club first through the 1885 club and more recently with corporate sponsorship.

I formed S&S Northern 20 years ago, it is a family business which this year is celebrating 20 years of trading. We are based in Chorley, Lancashire, we manufacture and supply gas safety equipment, predominantly to the commercial sector, but we also have a range of gas safety equipment for use in sheltered housing and student accommodation.

There are four main areas we manufacture panels for:

Gas safety equipment for commercial kitchens. Legislation states that if a commercial kitchen is going through a major refurbishment or being fitted out as new, it has to comply with BS6173. This is to ensure the quality of air in the kitchen is safe for the staff to work in. These kitchens could be anything from the local take away, to the House of Lords (Where we have 8 panels installed).

Gas safety systems for school or university laboratories. These panels protect the pupils whilst in lessons, if an incident occurs the teacher can turn off the gas immediately by pressing a button, and then investigate the problem.  It also gives teacher the control of the gas during lessons. If gas is not being used during a certain lesson the teacher can isolate it by turning a key, this prevents the pupils causing disruption by turning fooling around with gas. Finally the panel protects the buildings out of hours, if intruders gain access to the laboratory the damage they can cause is limited as the gas is isolated. Preventing it being used to fuel a fire.

We also manufacture gas detection panels for use in boiler room and plant room applications. Effectively if there is a leak of gas or carbon monoxide our system will pick up on this and isolate the gas where it comes into the building, while the leak is resolved.

Finally we manufacture a combined carbon monoxide and natural gas detector, these are normally used in sheltered housing and student accommodation type applications. If either of the gasses are detected we automatically shut off the incoming gas whilst to problem is rectified.  

Account manager Cherrelle Slater added,

‘It’s great to have teamed up again this season with Steve and his team, we enjoy seeing S&S Northern here on match days and it’s nice to hear that as a result of advertising over the years that they have had some great business come their way. We look forward to working again with S&S Northern and introducing them to our partners to work together on future projects.’ 

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