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Getting to know the Youth!

7 November 2016

Last week we caught up with first year Jacob Bedeau and second year Ciaran Best, to find out how the season is going for them, and what it means to get that professional contract!

1. Both – How did you come through to Bury FC Youth, was it through the academy or were you scouted by the club?

Ciaran  – When I was released from Stoke, an agent brought me through to the Club. I trained a couple of times, and played a few games, which shortly after lead to Ryan Kidd signing me.

Jacob – I was released by Leighton, and then, like Ciaran, an agent recommended the Club to me so I came through on trial. 

2. Both – Since you have been here, what’s been your favourite experience so far.

Ciaran – Last year we went to Holland for our pre-season tour, which was great. I also enjoyed playing in the FA Youth Cup. 

Jacob – With me being a first year, I’ve only been here for the past couple of months. At the moment, coming in and training every day, playing at the weekend with the boys has been the best. 

3. Both – What would you say has been your biggest learning curve? 

Ciaran – For me, it was playing against Fulham. It made me realise the level that we have to get to get a pro contract and compete with the higher clubs. 

Jacob – Being on the bench for the first team and around the changing room on a match day, seeing how different it is to youth football. 

4. Both - You have a busy season coming up, what would you say you’re looking forward to the most? 

Ciaran – I was looking forward to the FA Youth Cup. At the moment, I look forward to coming in every day, training with the boys and the staff. We are all quite close, and always have a good time in training. 

Jacob – I agree with Ciaran, we always have a good time in training, I was looking forward to the FA Youth Cup but now my main focus is challenging for the league title.

5. Jacob – you have been training with the first team. Is there a massive difference training with them compare to the Youth? 

The training is a lot quicker. With them being grown men, they’re a lot stronger so you have to move the ball quicker. 

6. Ciaran, for the last 2 seasons, the Youth Team have done very well. Champions of the league two seasons ago and then runners up last season. 
Do you feel the pressure from the coaching staff to do this again this season; especially with this being you last season? 

Yes defiantly, because we have done so well over the past 2 seasons, Ryan doesn’t drop his standards for anyone. He always expects the best from us all. He’s always pushing us in training, always wanting us to improve. He’s also great at giving advice, he has been there, he has played a that professional level, so he brings this to us. 

7. Ciaran - You’re third in the league at the moment, do you think you can take top, with there only being a point between you and the top 2. 

Yes, there isn’t much difference between, it’s still early in the season, but I do think we have a really good chance. 

8. Both - 500 yards down the road are players such as Rooney, Pogba, Ibrahimovic – does that sort of presence around the area stimulate you to progress?

Jacob - This was Manchester City’s training ground, so to think the likes of Sergio Agüero and Yaya Touré have all trained here as well. To think that were using the same tools as them, it’s really positive.  

Ciaran – It’s made us realise how close we are to getting that professional contract and seeing what life would be like. 

9. Both – Football is probably all you have known, all your life. What does getting that professional contract mean to you? 

Ciaran – I’ve played since I was seven, it would be an achievement of a lifetime. 

Jacob – It’s something you dream about, something that you work so hard for, and with that contract, all the hard work pays off, and it would be a dream come true. 

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