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Tsun Dai is Back in Action

21 February 2017

Tsun is back training after calf injury!

Saturday 14th January was the first fixture back for our Youth squad, and they met current top of the table leaders, Blackpool. Deep into the second half, Tsun was chasing the ball and changed directly quickly, when he slipped, and felt a sharp pain in his lower leg. Thinking that he could run it off, Tsun played on, but he said “it soon became apparent to me that something wasn’t right, the pain wasn’t going away, so I come off”. After the game Tsun was screened by the Academy physiotherapist Alexander Owen, and diagnosed with a Grade 2 Soleus Strain – a calf muscle tear, which in total put him out for 5 weeks.

Tsun talked me through his rehabilitation in quite some detail. He explained that the first 2 weeks was really slow and quite hard for him. The first week he wasn’t allowed to do anything, and was put on total rest. Back into the Training Centre on the second week of the programme, he was doing a lot of bike work - none weight bearing, trying to get his muscles back moving, at a low intensity rate. With gradual improvements, the Sports Therapist moved him onto running in the third and fourth week trying. In the final week, Tsun continued the running, and also started leg weights to strengthen the muscle. 

Tsun said that the stability work within the programme was when he finally felt the injury getting better. “The pain did subside quite quickly, so after the second week it did feel a lot better, however the stability work made my ankle more stable and stronger, I felt that this had the biggest impact to my recovery”.

We all know that being injured can wear you down mentally, as well as physically, but when I brought this up to Tsun, you could hear the positivity in his voice. “You just have to keep going, keep working hard so you improve and hopefully come back quicker. It’s important I listened to the support and advice given from the Sports Therapist. I was treated by Tom Walsh; he motivated me and kept me on track by doing the parts of the programme with me, especially the running, being by my side, encouraging me”.

Tsun told me that it felt good to be back out on the grass yesterday morning, and felt fitter than he did before he was injured, all down to the high amount of cardio that he did as part of his rehabilitation programme. “It’s good to be back with the lads too, back interacting on the pitch and the dressing room”.

“I have the responsibility now of making sure that my prehab is done efficiently, I have to be more careful, and concentrate on my landings. Tom Walsh has also given me a programme of exercises to do to ensure I keep strengthening the muscle to avoid injury again”.

Tsun will be back in the Youth Team squad for this weekend’s fixture against Shrewsbury. 
Kick off 11am, Carrington Training Complex, Youth Alliance League. 

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