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History: Hat Tricks or more

17 January 2017

In the Shakers long history, the club can record a total of 123 hat tricks or better

Following James Vaughan’s four goal haul at the weekend, we’ve been delving into the club’s history to get the definitive figure on hat tricks, or better, so here it is – hat tricks or better…


Five goals a game 
Only two players have scored five goals in a game.  Eddie Quigley, in a 5-0 victory over Millwall on 15 Feb 1947 and Ray Pointer, in a 6-1 victory over Rotherham United on 2 October 1965 – both games at Gigg Lane 

1946/47MillwallHDiv 25-0Eddie Quigley
1965/66Rotherham UnitedHDiv 26-1Ray Pointer

Four goals a game 
George Jones holds the record for ‘four goal strikes’ after he did it three times between September 1967 and December 1970.  

The four goal strike against Peterborough was the 17th such occasion, with Harry Millar recording the very first on 20 October 1894 during a 5-1 victory away at Crewe Alexandra. Harry Millar achieved the fete twice, notching a four goal haul during the Shakers RECORD score – a 12-1 FA Cup 2nd Round victory over Stockton on 13 Feb 1897. 

The last time we saw a Bury player score four goals, was 28 October 1995 when Phil Stant grabbed the headlines with his four goal haul in a 5-1 win at Mansfield Town 

1894/95Crewe AlexandraADiv 25-1Harry Millar
1896/97StocktonHFACup 212-1Harry Millar
1904/05Sheffield UnitedHDiv 17-1Charlie Sagar
1906/07SunderlandADiv 15-3Tom Kay
1908/09SunderlandHDiv 14-2Billy Hibbert
1912/13Glossop North EndHDiv 24-1Wally Smith
1921/22Port ValeHDiv 25-2Jimmy Trotter
1922/23Clapton OrientHDiv 25-1Norman Bullock
1931/32BarnsleyHDiv 27-1Dave Robbie
1957/58Tranmere roversHDiv 38-2John W Parker
1967/68BournemouthHDiv 34-0George Jones
1969/70Tranmere RoversHDiv 38-0George Jones
1970/71ReadingADiv 35-1George Jones
1974/75Halifax TownHDiv 44-1Chris Duffey
1995/96Mansfield TownADiv 35-1Phil Stant
2016/17Peterborough UnitedHLge 15-1James Vaughan

Hat Tricks 
We’ve seen a total of 105 hat tricks (three goals) scored since the very first one from Joe Henderson on 2 April 1895, in a 4-1 win v Walsall Town Swifts.  Before Saturday, the last hat trick came from Andrew Tutte, in a 5-2 victory over Colchester United last season.



Of the 105 hat-tricks scored, only four have been in games that Bury lost (Don Carter, Ian McIntosh, Paul Aimson and George Jones) whilst Barnsley appear to be the most popular side to score a hat trick against with five over the years. 

Billy Hibbert has the most number of hat tricks with six between 1907 and 1911 

1894/95Walsall Town SwHDiv 24-1Joe Henderson
1895/96The WednesdayHDiv 16-1Joe Henderson
1895/96Aston VillaHDiv 15-3Tom Wyllie
1896/97StocktonHFACup 212-1Tom Wyllie
1897/98StokeHDiv 13-3James Brimblecombe
1897/98Derby CountyHDiv 14-0James Settle
1898/99StokeHDiv 15-2James Settle
1901/02Blackburn RvsADiv 13-0Billy Wood
1901/02WBAHFACup 15-1Charlie Sagar
1907/08Bolton WandsADiv 16-3Billy Hibbert
1907/08Preston North EHDiv 15-1Billy Hibbert
1907/08LiverpoolHDiv 13-1Tom Kay
1908/09Notts CountyHDiv 13-1Billy Hibbert
1908/09Kettering TownHFACup 18-0Angus McIntosh
1909/10Notts ForestHDiv 14-1Bob Currie
1909/10MiddlesbroughADiv 15-0Billy Hibbert
1909/10Tottenham HotsHDiv 13-1Billy Hibbert
1910/11Manchester cityHDiv 15-2Billy Hibbert
1910/11MiddlesbroughHDiv 14-2Bob Currie
1912/13Grimsby TownHDiv 24-2Wally Smith
1912/13Bristol CityADiv 25-1John Brown
1913/14Bristol CityHDiv 23-1Billy Peake
1913/14BarnsleyHDiv 24-0Billy Peake
1922/23SouthamptonADiv 24-1Norman Bullock
1924/25Bolton WandsADiv 13-3John Ball
1924/25Tottenham HotspHDiv 15-2Wally Amos
1925/26Sheffield UnitedHDiv 17-4Norman Bullock
1925/26BurnleyHDiv 18-1Norman Bullock
1926/27EvertonHDiv 15-2Norman Bullock
1927/28PortsmouthHDiv 14-0Leslie Vernon
1927/28Sheffield WedHDiv 14-2John R Smith
1928/29Derby CountyHDiv 13-3John R Smith
1929/30MillwallADiv 24-2John R Smith
1930/31Plymouth ArgyleADiv 26-3John R Smith
1930/31BarnsleyHDiv 23-1John R Smith
1930/31Cardiff CityADiv 23-1George Grass
1933/34MillwallHDiv 25-1Arthur Buttery
1934/35BarnsleyHDiv 24-1Joe Patrick
1934/35SouthamptonHDiv 24-1Arthur Buttery
1935/36West Ham UnitedHDiv 23-0Ernie Matthews
1935/36Hull CityADiv 23-2Ernie Matthews
1936/37Doncaster RvsHDiv 24-2Joe Bargh
1936/37Bradford CityHDiv 25-2Ernie Matthews
1937/38ChesterfieldHDiv 24-0George Davies
1938/39Tranmere roversHDiv 25-0Archie Livingstone
1946/47Sheffield WedADiv 25-2John Lindsay
1946/47Bradford Park AHDiv 26-0Don Carter
1946/47Bradford Park AHDiv 26-0George Mutch
1946/47BarnsleyHDiv 24-4Don Carter
1947/48Newcastle UnitedHDiv 23-5Don Carter
1947/48MillwallADiv 27-1Jimmy Constantine
1949/50Plymouth ArgyleHDiv 25-1Dave Massart
1949/50Luton TownHDiv 25-2Dave Massart
1950/51Birmingham CityHDiv 24-1Ken Plant
1951/52West Ham UnitedHDiv 24-0Ken Plant
1951/52SouthamptonHDiv 28-2Johnny Simm
1954/55West Ham UnitedADiv 23-3Walter Kelly
1954/55Lincoln CityHDiv 23-1Tommy Daniel
1954/55Hull CityHDiv 24-1Doug Clarke
1955/56Doncaster RvsHDiv 25-1Doug Fletcher
1955/56Lincoln CityHDiv 23-3Walter Kelly
1955/56Rotherham UtdADiv 23-1Stan Pearson
1955/56BarnsleyHDiv 23-0Stan Pearson
1955/56Hull CityHDiv 23-2Walter Kelly
1956/57Bristol RoversHDiv 27-2Stan Pearson
1957/58DarlingtonHDiv 35-0John W Parker
1957/58Mansfield TownADiv 34-6Ian McIntosh
1958/59BournemouthHDiv 35-1Bill Ritchie
1959/60Mansfield TownADiv 35-1Don Watson
1960/61Tranmere roversADiv 37-1Don Watson
1960/61Notts CountyHDiv 37-0Billy Hubbard
1960/61Torquay UnitedHDiv 36-0Bill Calder
1961/62BrightonHFLCup 15-1Alan Jackson
1962/63Newcastle UnitedADiv 23-1Bill Calder
1964/65Swindon TownHDiv 26-1Colin Bell
1965/66Derby CountyHDiv 24-1Ray Pointer
1965/66Preston North EHDiv 25-0Alec Lindsay
1966/67Preston North EHDiv 23-4Paul Aimson
1967/68BrightonHDiv 34-0Bobby Owen
1969/70Rotherham UtdADiv 33-4George Jones
1971/72Exeter CityHDiv 44-3George Jones
1971/72Newport CountyHDiv 43-0John Connelly
1972/73Doncaster RvsHDiv 45-0John Murray
1976/77Peterborough UHDiv 34-1Andy Rowland
1978/79Exeter CityHDiv 34-2Ken Beamish
1980/81RochdaleHDiv 43-1Stevie Johnson
1981/82Northampton THDiv 47-1Craig Madden
1981/82Tranmere roversHDiv 44-0Craig Madden
1982/83Hartlepool UnitedHDiv 44-0Craig Madden
1985/86Lincoln CityHDiv 34-0Craig Madden
1986/87Newport CountyHDiv 34-3Nigel Greenwood
1986/87WalsallHDiv 34-0Liam Robinson
1988/89GillinghamADiv 34-3Liam Robinson
1989/90Tranmere roversADiv 34-2Liam Robinson
1990/91Bolton WandsADiv 33-1John McGinlay
1990/91Cambridge UtdHDiv 33-1David Lee
1991/92Leyton OrientHDiv 34-2Ian Stevens
1992/93GillinghamADiv 34-1Reggie Hulme
1992/93ScarboroughADiv 33-1David Adekola
1994/95Exeter CityADiv 34-0Mark Carter
1994/95Northampton TADiv 35-0David Pugh
1999/00Colchester UtdHDiv 25-2Ian Lawson
2007/08WorkingtonHFACup 14-1Andy Bishop
2013/14PortsmouthHLge 24-4Hallam Hope
2015/16Colchester UtdHLge 15-2Andrew Tutte




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