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Clark: Let's have a really good go at it

With the new fixtures for the 2017/18 season released on Wednesday morning, Manager Lee Clark is fully aware of the rising expectation amongst supporters, and wants that expectation to rise again.

20 June 2017

“I cannot manage the odds that the bookies are setting against us, that’s something that has no interest to me, I’m not a betting man anyway, but I can manage the expectation amongst the fans – and I want that expectation to be high.

“We are coming out and saying, without being arrogant about it, without boasting about it or being silly, but there are plenty of clubs within the League that think they can get into the top six, but that’s our aim – that’s the type of players that we are bringing in.  That’s the type of players that we are trying to attract here.

“That’s our ambition, we want to be challenging to get the Club into the Championship.  If you have that ambition and you set the bar high, then you give yourself a good opportunity.  It doesn’t mean that you are disrespecting the other teams in the League.  We know that there are some good teams in the League this season.

There are strong teams and squads that have come down from theChampionship, some strong teams and clubs that have come up from League Two and they will be all thinking along the same lines as us

“We are not being disrespectful, this is us being honest and telling everybody, that this is our goal for the season, this is what we want to try and achieve.

“The fixtures are out tomorrow and it does get everyone excited, because it means the new season is just around the corner.  The buzz starts to come back and it does seem a long time since we played the last game at the end of April.

“We are excited for the fixtures tomorrow, we are all excited and I’m ready to go again.  I’m looking forward to seeing the players back for pre-season training.  We can all start afresh and really go for it, that’s the motto for the season, let’s have a good go for it. There are no limits to what we can go and do, let’s try and push  together and achieve our goal.

“I have no preference for the first game of the season, we have to play each other twice so it doesn’t matter.  It’s just a case of finding out what order we play those games in.  My concern is for the supporters, are the fixtures good around the holiday periods, the festive periods and Easter time.  Are they receptive to our supporters?

There must be some common sense to it, we don’t want Plymouth away on a Tuesday night.  It’s different for the players and staff, we get looked after logistically in terms of travel and accommodation, for me, it’s about doing it right for the supporters and them having the opportunity to come and support the team.”

Watch the full video interview with Lee Clark by clicking here

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