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Bury The Flab With Our New ‘Get Fit’ Initiative

30 October 2018

Bury Football Club are teaming up with our Community Trust and Play Football to launch ‘BURY the FLAB’, a new football league for males with a BMI in excess of 25.

The concept is very simple; individuals or groups of friends will sign up and be allocated a team that they will be part of for the season. It will be played in a 6-a-side format with squads of 9-10 players with rolling subs. Each week, teams will line-up against each other and the team that has lost the most weight, will take a one-goal advantage onto the field of play before a ball is kicked.

The idea is the brainchild of Business Development Director, Matt Hanson, who has been playing in a similar league in Rochdale.

Matt told us: "There are hundreds of blokes in Bury and the surrounding areas of the Borough that are carrying a bit of excess weight and are probably a little bit embarrassed to get involved in playing football or any sport for that matter. This is designed to get them off the sofa and get involved with a set of people who are in exactly the same position."

Community Director, Mike Morris, added, "We cater for so many areas in the Community, but this is a generation of people most probably aged between 30 and 50 who struggle to exercise on a regular basis due to work or family commitments. BURY the FLAB will fill this void and I believe that it will generate a lot of interest in the local area. We are presently talking with a number of agencies that can support us too."

Games will take place at Play Football situated at Bury College, and Sam Narusawa from Play Football said: "It's fantastic to get a new league starting up. There will be some talented guys who have probably not kicked a ball for 20 years that would love to get into the league and rekindle their love for playing the game. The plan is that this will become a part of the many leagues that we have at Play Football and I can't wait to see how things map out."

There will be an open night at Play Football from 8-9.30pm on Wednesday 31st October, where players can attend free of charge to sample what the league is going to be about. From there, we will be arranging a registration and information night on the 7th November. This is where teams will be allocated and the league will officially kick-off on Wednesday 14th November.

Matt Hanson concluded: "I am 42 and overweight. If I can take part, anyone can. I have even persuaded our Chief Executive, Karl Evans to sign up! I urge people to get involved, tell your mates in the pub or at work, put notices up and tell your employer.

"I would also be interested to speak to any local employer who would want to embrace this initiative as part of their CSR policy. We can work with you and give you some exposure for supporting the league. Get down to our open night for a kick-about on the 31st and let's build something that can make a difference."

The session on the 31st is simply a kick-about. Because it's over a 2-hour period, please feel free to arrive at a time that suits you. All we ask is to bring suitable footwear for a 4G pitch and shin pads must be worn at all times. There will be a member from our Community Trust to welcome you and take some brief information and then you are good to go!

See you at Play Football on Market St, Bury on the 31st, 8 pm - 9.30 pm. 

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