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Charlestown Continue to be Supported by Bury FC The Trust

13 September 2018

As the new school year has begun for the majority of us, this is no different for the staff at Bury FC The Trust. We have also returned to our work in our local schools.

This work includes the delivery of English, Maths, PSHE and of course not forgetting P.E, as part of our Premier League Primary Stars project.

The help we provide doesn't just cover the delivery of academic subjects, we are also there to lend a hand too. Creating and maintaining good working relationships with schools is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we are delighted to be back at Charlestown Primary School for this academic year.

This is a relationship that has been going strong for well over 5 years now and long may that continue. At Charlestown we are there each morning to help the staff get the children physically and mentally ready for the day ahead. We help at the breakfast club, and then again at lunchtime, where we ensure that each child has the opportunity to take part in a different sport each day.

Our Community Development Officer, Paul Chandler, had this to say: "It's great to be back at Charlestown for another year, and personally a pleasure for me to be a part of such a fantastic scheme that the school run.

"Having children myself, I know that having a good breakfast each morning is vital, and unfortunately there are too many households that are not able to provide this. Being able to help provide the first meal of the day and be able to provide children with the opportunity to play football, dodgeball or any other sport is so rewarding. The pupils and staff are great too!

"I would 100% encourage more schools to start schemes such as this, there's always funding available for schools to apply for, an hour each morning is reward enough to ensure the first meal of the day isn't skipped for our children".

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