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Club News

Statement from the Chairman

10 April 2019

As promised I secured the Court outcome I requested and this allows us the time to address the problems that have surfaced from the previous owners which are substantial, clearly there actions have harmed many others given the article in the Bury Times, we wish all the very best to others affected

I am pleased to say the money frozen in our Nat West account will be released with a validation order allowing the residual wages to be paid and may I thank Staff and Players for standing by the Club whilst this is getting sorted

There will need to be major changes in the Club to sustain its existence, it can no longer act like a premiership club as the previous owners aspired to and it needs to be cutting its cloth accordingly to guarantee its future as this is paramount to Fans and Community, some actions needed will be bitter pills to take and some people will disagree but our course of action is impartial I’m here to save a Club not pander to certain individuals, the Club comes first

There are many issues within the Club that need addressing, take it from me what you see is not what you get, it serves certain people who do not have the interest of the club to heart only their own personal agenda but spin clouds this, time will show who these people are.

Social media, don’t subscribe to it personally but having been shown some of what has been posted over the last week or so is up there with my once seeing on the front page of the Sunday Sport “London Bus found at the North Pole” I would say comparable to some of the diatribe I’ve read it would be more like “London Bus found at North Pole with Elvis, Lord Lucan and John Lennon having a picnic”!

Posting facts is fine that’s what people want not utter rubbish and unfounded speculation it serves nobody least of all the club.

People to thank helping Bury stay alive, Dave Jones and Staff at Glaisyers, Rob Slawson at Thomas Cook, Marcus, Marc and Staff at Taurus, Lindsay Gordon and Members at the LMA,there are others you know who you are and a big thanks from Bury FC

I will keep you posted to events as they unfold but Bury is here to stay let’s hope all involved in the Club feel the same way and get us through these troubled waters and to Division 1

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