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A Statement from the Chairman

23 May 2019



It is with sadness I find myself having to be wasting my time addressing rumours, internet trolls and gossip spread by people with agenda instead of doing all I can saving our Club as promised.

My initial reaction was to give all this media rubbish the credibility it deserves and not reply however I have been talked into a statement. Sorry for the without prejudice but necessary given pending legal actions.

Original Statement: I said clearly I would support as I could our football side and our being promoted with both our Ladies and Gents side validates that, I said I would do all I could to save the Club which would have closed in November last year, we're now in May so that’s working and is ongoing.

Fact: The Club was bust due to the previous owner’s tenure in fact turning out as it unfolded to be far worse than anyone could have known. NOBODY would have taken it on, I did and am being vilified by the same few trolls/persons with agenda for sorting a mess that I did not create.

Non Attendance at the Club: I thought it common knowledge I have an incurable form of Leukaemia as well as acute osteoarthritis, this renders me unable to leave my bed let alone home some days, I do however work tirelessly till all hours on my computer and phone to save our Club.

Regret: I didn’t clear out day one all the surplus staff from the Stewart Day era who are causing all this unpleasantness with their internet troll accomplices at our Club garnering there last chance of 5 minutes of perceived fame before they are removed and long forgotten.

Wages: I think I must make this abundantly clear, this is a horrible situation to be in, of course everybody needs to be paid but the Club cannot afford the level of employees it has, there is no magic wand here, certain people if they genuinely care about the Club would have left long ago knowing they were not adding value just draining a dead corpse. I was talked into using a local HR firm to deal with laying people off, they dragged the matter on some considerable weeks in doing so further hurting the Club incurring further wages for non-productive people it cannot pay, before saying “our business has been threatened if we do this job” they then sent the money back we paid to do the job, tells a story don’t you think. I can state I have now got a firm that will get on with the job in hand.

Staff: I hear all this rubbish about not being paid for months, that’s what it is RUBBISH wages have been paid every month in increments as we could (given our Bank is frozen) its all lies/propaganda being spread to cause unrest by certain people and I’m told who peddle it now on the radio, if the work I have been doing finalises by Fri/Tue all staff will be paid in full with NOTHING outstanding or owed, then our HR company can carry out what’s been needed months ago. So to those who the cap fits, enjoy your fame for the small window you have but be careful what you say as our Lawyers are ready and indeed other employers are watching your un-professional un-truthful actions. Finally I think it disgraceful that people who have been paid monthly have set up food banks, these were created for people in desperate need not to further propaganda you should be ashamed.

To the genuine Staff I thank you sincerely for your help and support.

Players: Firstly may I thank the Manager and the Players for their performance on the field you have made our fans proud. Once I realised the extent of the troubles and it was clear that making wages would not be possible I had talks with the League and the PFA where I explained the problems we were encountering, initially it was felt the Club could take out a loan but subsequently the PFA’s Lawyers vetoed that due to the perilous nature of the Club, they then offered to pay the players direct until we sorted the Clubs problems, this is where we are. Ideal, far from it but the tragic consequence of the actions of others. We are applying to the Court to release our bank again and that with the league’s help and season ticket sales should allow us to initially pay the balance owed to the players then repay the PFA for their very kind help.

Player Statement: I think the above addresses the truth of this matter without spin.

As for Contracts our very able Company Secretary dealt with this matter with Ryan Lowe so unsure why that was brought up?

As for not caring why do you think I am working 5am to 8pm and later every day, TO SORT THIS MESS I DID NOT MAKE. Not the actions of someone who doesn’t care.

I find it amazing when I’m told the players don’t need to speak to you yet I get called for doing exactly that, however I’m confused if he felt he needed clarity why did he not drop me an email asking the questions he needed answering, I’d have thought that more professional (but less in the media) and easier than going on the radio or doing statements with people who can’t help him?

It is my priority along with the winding up order to settle the playing staff as fast as we can and I can only apologise for the delay it’s not what I thought would happen, but if it can go wrong it will at Bury.

We want this resolving as fast as we can and I can assure the players it’s the last thing I want to break up our winning team I hope you can allow us to get the past cleared so next season there are no reoccurrences of the last few months, only our cut backs and prudent financial controls will achieve that.

Our Manager: Firstly thank you Ryan for your work with others to achieve promotion in these difficult times.

Leaving the Club, clearly not something we want to see but Ryan is a young man starting on his management career and who are we to stop his trajectory if he wants this, Plymouth asked to speak to him we sanctioned but as far as I know he is still with Bury.

Possible sale: We have had interest, unsure of what Mr Adams relates to but I know nothing of it, we have had one offer from a Canadian Company that is not suitable and rather onerous and I am in talks with two others one of which I feel would be a great fit, I will report if this progresses to a deal but for now it’s just talks. However I can confirm interested parties are concerned at the media/internet diatribe, well done you are jeopardising the sale of the Club.


To Shaun Harvey at the league you will be missed you knew first-hand the running of a Club and the plight of owners, thanks to Nick and Tad for your help appreciated.

Thanks to Simon Barker at the PFA for your help and support.

May I thank the fellow Chairman’s for the support I have received they know better than anyone what a thankless task it is, a matter that surely needs addressing.

And our suppliers, thanks for your continued support.


Do not believe the few, it’s neither the truth or in the best interest of the Club, I will save the Club and pass on to the right person when they appear to be assured.


Steven D Dale


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