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24 September 2019

We would ask before you send in your votes, for our reinstatement to our former position in the EFL this Thursday, to consider your own circumstances, and then give a thought to what has happened to Bury FC. Bury Football Club is a Victim, not a Villain, so why was it treated so unjustly.

How can 125 years of our historic Club be wiped out by the actions of a former Custodian, Bury the Club, did nothing wrong so culpability/prosecution should be aimed at the Culprit - not the Victim?

It has been frustrating as a Club not to be able to go Public with the causes of our problems. A lot of unjust vitriol has been received, but pending Criminal and Legal actions have not allowed us to do this, as it could prejudice the various cases, however as these unfold Clubs/Fans and the Public will be shocked at the injustice Bury has suffered and blame can be laid firmly at the feet of those responsible without lies and spin.

We have heard rumours that we gained our promotion unfairly, one wonders how our Club, fighting for its life for the last 11 months, c£17m in debt, the threat of losing our Stadium, enough stat demands, winding up orders and CCJ's to paper our offices in, bailiffs every other day, having to choose between paying threats that could close us or wages was an advantage?

We would not wish on anyone what we have been through and steps need to be taken to ensure that this can never happen to any of our Fellow Clubs again, it is unjust and wrong.

Even through all our difficulties, we never took action against our fellow clubs for monies owed to us, and believe us when we say we needed it, but fellow clubs in our position need help and solidarity from fellow Clubs, not writs.

There is a lot to address in our great sport to prevent injustice, a fairer slice of the pie to the lower leagues will help that before the TV rights disappear and there is no pot to help them. A body set up with people on the board who have been through tough times and indeed insolvency and specialists for advice so Clubs can go to them without retribution or being made public and believe us when we say there are many Clubs in need of help.

Of course, we need our SuperClubs, it gives us all hope in our aspirations, but seeds need watering, oak trees are more resilient.

If our Fellow Clubs are in doubt, give us time to allow us to put the facts forward as they unfold. Believe us when we say it would leave little doubt to reinstatement. If we could have our academy status back whilst this unravels, we can continue to help the youth as it is unfair that they have been hurt by these unjust events.

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