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Club Statement August 2020

7 August 2020

Firstly, we apologise to our loyal Fans for not keeping you updated as we wanted, we were advised to not give the FA any reason to reject our application so we maintained silence.

Over 3 months ago, we submitted our application to the FA and furthermore our Lawyers requested a sit down to discuss the complexity of the Bury FC situation to avoid ambiguity and indeed lay to rest any concerns they may have. Some months later they acknowledged and with weeks to go till the deadline stated their willingness to have a conference call.

We had the call which was cordial, we requested a further meeting once matters had been digested and the committee advised they would come back to us, we heard nothing and our Lawyers prompted them as we were concerned having eroded 3 months to resolve any concerns, they were now eroding the last weeks which left no time to address very important matters that could affect our application.

On Tuesday we received an email outlining reasons not to allow our application, which turned out to be very matters we and our Lawyers had been trying to address with them for 3 months, none were an issue or a problem only time and the terms of their compliance were the governing factor.

In the future all these issues will be resolved and Bury FC will be back playing football at Gigg lane rest assured, our application for 21/22 season is being prepared now and will be chased monthly to avoid a repeat of this atrocity, lets hope because a further season has elapsed they don’t try to place us in tier 7, as leaving Division one we were supposed to get a high placing the following season as the demotion was the sentence

Also, to be clear about our Stadium, BURY FC own Gigg and it’s not for sale or is it being re-possessed.

Given Covid nothing is a given this season and Bury FC wants to wish all clubs well in these tying times, Football Clubs are the mainstay in many towns, they hopefully bring communities together and should be about the enjoyment of what happens on the pitch not the political subterfuge of the Governing bodies.

Clubs need support and help in these trying times, issuing point deductions like confetti, do they really believe that is the answer, there should be no rule books chiselled in stone in these testing times only survival tactics.

Many Clubs are on the brink of collapse and if Covid restrictions continue we will see a tsunami of Administrations and Receiverships, burying your head in the sand is not an option

Over the coming weeks we will advise of the goings on at Bury FC to secure its future.

Once again apologies for events but after 2O months of battling to save our Club we are more versed in the politics of Football than ever so better placed to face this war.

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