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Statement from the Chairman

10 August 2020

There seems to be a lot of lies and propaganda spread by a small body of people purporting to be BURY FC fans, they are not, they have undermined our Great Club and caused trouble at every juncture and in doing so have threatened the very existence of our Club, if challenged they shout louder thinking that makes wrong, right, it does not.

Social media has become a Petri dish for vermin, it is the antithesis of all that is decent where lies prevail

So, let’s start by addressing facts and perhaps not in event order the allegations:

  1. I never wanted a Board position, I assumed Glen Thomas who introduced me to the Bury would be Chairman, the board felt due to his close association with Mr Day the fans would not like it, I initially refused but eventually agreed to take the post until we could get a football person

  2. I stated day one at our dinner at the village, I invested in Bury, the running of the Club would be left to Directors and management as I was not a football person or in good enough health. I would do all I could to help with the catastrophic financial position of the club but I was not an ATM and I would not bankrupt myself to right the wrongs of the previous owners. I would hopefully find a younger buyer who loved football to take it on soon. I have been true to my word and still fighting to save Bury some 20 months on with no help from anyone and indeed it’s still my aim to sell it on the right person once she is stable

  3. Buyers, there has not been one credible buyer, lots of talk, getting their name in the paper, one in particular met me once and somehow managed to get in every paper! MP’s getting their names in the paper, one alleged Buyer in particular went a bit further than most but then used the Stadium as the reason they did not proceed even though DAY 1 they were advised in detail of the position with it, or we have had the, you sort the CVA and you pay off your PG’s given against the Club, one even said get Bury back in the league and we will give you, ranging from £1 to £200k, so let’s get this right, I put a further c£1.5m in and you will give me such an incredible deal…really

  4. As soon as we realized the extent of the financial wrong doings, I contacted the Chairman of the EFL who initially said he would help but advised he had his hands full with Blackpool and Bolton, he subsequently left the EFL, after his initial chat NEVER did the EFL contact me to offer support, offer help or got involved in any way, other than putting obstacles in our way at every juncture, withholding monies to further exasperate the situation, I could go on.

    Given this we subsequently contacted the Police who to date have done nothing to bring the people who have STOLEN both prior and, on my shift, and indeed have been proven by the Police and the Club to have stolen from Bury to justice, one wonders why our Country is in such a mess

  5. I HAVE NEVER been involved with the day to day running of the Club as I was unable to attend to achieve this due to health reasons, I helped when asked and as I could

  6. To this day I HAVE NEVER had keys to Gigg Lane or Carrington

  7. I HAVE NEVER been involved in the dealing with cash/gate monies or indeed any other form of receipt when the Club was running, in fact I don’t have a clue about gate receipts how they were collected or where they were processed, I left it to our very able Company Secretary who will I’m sure vouch for this.

  8. I while we were running fully, WAS NEVER a signatory at the Bank and had nothing to do with Nat West or Lloyds, again our FD and Co Sec dealt with that, I am however the signatory of our new Bank

  9. Bury Heritage and Social were formed to safeguard assets not miss-appropriate as anyone with a modicum of business knowledge would understand, given the perilous state of the Club

  10. Stadium, we owe some £3.7m on that and some £2.8m on carpark so to the clowns who say I want it to build on it (regardless of the Council never allowing it or indeed would I want to) one wonders how a secondary site, where only standard housing would be appropriate could or would be worth £6.5m

  11. Letting staff go, with a wage bill greater than income how would these bastions of knowledge propose we pay the £3.5m wage bill

  12. EFL, cancelling of Games and subsequent removal from league, a lot of subterfuge was used in this, unfortunately the pending Legal action prevents me from expanding, but it will all come out in the wash.

  13. A small bunch of Fans seem to need a scapegoat for Burys situation or indeed just to cause trouble, it seems its easier to blame me rather than the previous owners who caused it, where were these do good’s when the Club was being plundered for millions one asks and why do these self - proclaimed lovers of Bury do all they can to discredit it and tell lies on every forum they can trying to destroy the very thing they purport to love?

    Forever Bury advise me they are taking stick from these very people for proposing to challenge the FA in their decision, once again hurting the very thing they say they love?

    I have had Fans alleging they have threatened them privately and at there place of work for standing behind Bury FC?

    One wonders what their agenda is, its certainly not the actions of Bury FC lovers.

  14. If, instead of looking to blame for actions long since committed, by parties long since gone and indeed unchallenged at the time, the Fans would have shown solidarity instead of splitting into different factions, got the facts from the source and stood together in the fight, Bury FC would have been in a very different position today

There is a saying “empty cans make the most noise, in my world we throw them in the bin”

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