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Support for Macclesfield Town FC

17 September 2020

Our thoughts go out to Macclesfield Town FC, there owners, supporters, and the Town. This great historic Club another victim of the financial miss-management of our leagues, funding, and in some cases owners.

There are many more at the precipice Wigan, Southend, Charlton and how many will follow Macclesfield before the powers that be wake up, it ALL needs restructuring it’s a broken model that favours the few.

Issuing fines/points deductions, not dealing with HOW these situations occurred, in our case not giving a bugger at how it happened or the work that had gone into saving it, is like beating the Donkey when its tired from work, keep hitting it and it dies, feed it, let it rest, and it works the day after, its called common sense something lacking in football from the egotists in power.

COVID has given football a taste of what a mess the old rules and regulations are, the model 100% relies on either Sheiks or Oligarchs who right the losses against tax or just rich blokes who have always wanted a Club, however in this climate when they come to realise once there in and can’t get out, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, it make them think, why is everything I’ve worked for going down a grid with little thanks from anyone. Don’t think either your governing body will help they won’t, I was once told by one of the powers that be “nobody overturns one of “my” points decisions” when asked what if your wrong the reply “I’m not”, as stated before “Despots”.

Clubs need to be sustainable, fans need to realize clubs/owners cant go out and buy players on silly salaries, look at our own Club where Wages were more than turnover, Clubs should look how many fans they have, what income this brings and hire within those means, the social/club/bars/ concessions and advertising giving the rainy day money

The powers that be should be more vigilant at seeing what is really happening in football instead of contenting themselves box ticking and outdated rules.

Why give the super clubs and extra £20m each when that’s like giving your kids an extra 50p in there spends, distribute that money to the lower leagues and you could do so much, with new rules, new financial guidance and make the model work, off course there are unscrupulous owners that need policing but that’s their job not just sit back and let it happen until it’s too late, 5 years in Burys case, the EFL is a car crash waiting to happen and the cracks are showing.

Towns need their Clubs, at all levels, first team, second team, Ladies and youth and Clubs need academies to bring these on, grow our players of tomorrow, Bury Academy was fantastic for the youth, we had an exceptional collective within, this was given no quarter by the EFL, knowing their actions left these kids without a home, after they conspired to remove us THEY NEVER ONCE consulted the Club or offered support to anyone after their destruction, what a governing body that is.

Councils, many with loss making sports facilities, team up with your Clubs work together to benefit the many and without losses, the money from the town can be spent more productively

It there is another lockdown, football as we know it will be finished, many Football Chairman would echo this if they were not concerned at the retribution for speaking out.

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